• We can quickly atract and recruit those candidates that stand out of the crowd. Our Talent Acquisition team is specialized in recruiting and selecting complex IT candidates, making it possible for our clients to save time and money.
  • We develop multi-platform solutions to solve business problems. We understand that every IT project is mapped to a business goal, so we are aligned to our client’s, working to achieve them through multi-platform technology.
  • Experts in developing and migrating solutions to the Cloud. Our team works with safe, elastic and scalable Cloud Computing technology in order to implement solutions faster and at the lowest cost.
  • Nearshore + Xappia = Closeshore Model Being nearshore is not always good enough for our clients; hence we have developed a new innovative concept: “The Closeshore model” based on agile project management, strong focus on communication and the collaborative tools implementation for our teams.

Software Labs & Outsourcing

From our headquarters located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we develop secure and scalable applications in a quickly manner for our clients on all 5 continents. By using agile methodologies (Scrum, XP) or plan oriented methodologies (RUP, PMI) according to the project convenience, we ensure quality in all our deliverables.

By virtue of the technology versatility that set us apart, we select the technologies that best fit your needs, not forcing the use of canned technologies or products. More information


Cloud Experts

The cloud could easily turn into a storm without the right team. That is why our consulting, development, implementation and support teams will guide you through to meet your specific needs lowering costs and utilizing the best tools that the cloud offers to enterprises (infrastructure and products):


Salesforce.com and the Social Enterprise – "Connecting your organization to your clients and employees like never before"

As Salesforce.com preferred partners in Latin America, we assist companies to implement and integrate its solutions on the first Cloud Computing Platform Solution (Paas – Platform as a Service). More information


Talent Acquisition

A mixed team of IT and Human Resources members work together to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness to attract, assess and recruit candidates for the positions.

Our communication process and tools enable us to be agile and fast to respond to your needs on time. Our constantly updated candidate database and niche social network community help us to keep in touch with the resources that your organization needs. More Information

  • Latest News

    Salesforce.com Partners

    Xappia has become a Salesforce.com Partner for implementations, customs and integration development. We are one of the first Latin American partners with a development and consulting certified team.

    Winners! Silicon Valley Mission

    Xappia was awarded and then selected by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and a panel of IT industry experts to visit Silicon Valley in order to present products and services to prospects, potential partners and investors.


  • Latest News

    Xappia on the media!

    Xappia and its Project myGalion were mentioned in an article of the Information Technology magazine related to the endeavors visiting Silicon Valley and sponsored by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in 2012.

    Xappia Innovates

    Xappia participated in an exhibition held in the Metropolitan Design Center, where the deputy head of government and the minister of foreign trade were informed about some of our I+D projects.