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In order to guarantee success to our customers, we run our services on top of 4 fundamental pillars

Xappia Labs

In order to provide our customers with experts in every area of the Salesforce platform, we created the Xappia Labs. These teams per area of knowledge focus their work in understanding each new function and release so our services teams can get the most of the solution.

Sales Lab

Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ and Salesforce per Industry

Service Lab

Service Cloud, Field Service & Salesforce Industries

Marketing Lab

Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Social Studio & Krux DMP

Commerce Lab

eCommerce B2B (CloudCraze) & eCommerce B2C

AI Lab

Einstein, Predictive Models, Lead Scoring, Smart Journeys

Big Data Lab

Salesforce Analytics, Cloud & On-Premise Database Connectors

Web Lab

Salesforce Community Cloud, Heroku & Full Stack Development

Mobile Lab

Salesforce1, Connected Apps & Offline Apps

Innovation Lab

IoT Cloud, AppExchange add-ons & Native Custom Development

VAS  - Value Adoption Strategy

An organization is a system made of interconnected subsystems. For a new solution to successfully fit in this ecosystem it is essential to understand the motivations, pains and needs at every level of the company. Based on this triggers we design a unique value & adoption strategy for every project to focus our work in what matters the most: you and your people success.

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SIM - Salesforce Iterative Methodology

Love Agile but need a Fixed Price? Based on both world's best practices, we developed an iterative methodology that maximizes benefits of embracing change and feedback, while focusing on a scoping & planning phases that provides guarantees to sponsors and stakeholders.

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Driven by the requirements of our customers and the need to speed up projects while adding value, we developed our own Accelerators, a list prebuilt packages that can be installed in any Salesforce instance and instantly provide new features.


We guide our customers through this never-ending digital journey by providing the following services:

From scoping to deployment, we help companies to understand how to get the most of Salesforce and execute successful projects, always focusing on business goals and customers needs.


Extend your Salesforce capabilities with extra value. Let our team hear your needs, help you design your backlog and execute your path to success, while supporting your production solutions at the same time.


Multiply your marketing results. Let our certified experts implement your dreamed journeys and automated mails while your team designs the next marketing success.


Even if you have your own team to support your business apps, you may want to consider having an expert to make sure you are on the right path to success. Our Center of Excellence is at your disposal to design and plan projects and solutions with the resources you already have.


As Salesforce solutions evolve inside your organization, Quality Assurance and Regression Tests become a bottleneck. In order to accelerate the development process without compromising quality, we have created a Service that automates tests that can run in seconds.



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