Everyone remembers the thrill of their first Dreamforce: the multiplicity of sessions and workshop, the energy of the people, the galas and the innovation. The Xappia Team accompanied Salesforce in the biggest software event of the world.
This are the highlights chosen by our experts that you should pay attention to:


Einstein Voice

It’s a new voice assistance for Salesforce Mobile that let you create and update records with voice commands. At this moment, it’s only available for standard objects of SalesCloud and ServiceCloud (contact, opportunities, cases and tasks). Salesforce announced that they are planning to expand the functionalities for custom objects and other languages.


Einstein next best action

Artificial intelligence and predictive models in one place. Receive recommendations about the next best steps to achieve success in sales opportunities and service´s cases managed in Salesforce.


Salesforce1 Updates

The new app was renamed Salesforce and has new features to personalize it. For example, you can add and order items of the navigation bar, change the views with Lightning App Builder, access data offline with Offline Briefcase, generate Custom Push Notifications and make calls from the app with Lightning Dialer.



This new platform allows you to create a new personalize learning trail maintaining the Look & Feel of your brand (banners, colors, logo and url). You can also add your badges and specific iconography and accelerate the learning process of your employees according to the specific requirements of their position. MyTrailhead will have dashboards with the information about the learning states of the employees so you can give feedback and acknowledge in real time.


Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder allows admins to create custom Artificial Intelligence models on any Salesforce field and object to predict outcomes (commercial or not). Using a declarative, point-and-click setup tool, admins define the prediction, identify the field to build the model on and which data to use.

Based on the attrition result, you can automate tasks and alerts inside the platform and generate personalized interaction with your clients.
Some prediction examples that you could implement are:

Algunos ejemplos de predicción que podrían implementarse son:

  • Opportunity close Rate
  • Case closed in time Rate


Mulesoft Anypoint

Design, build, and manage APIs and integrations with a single product. With this premise, Salesforce announced the acquired of MuleSoft, one of the world’s leading platforms for building application networks that connect and integrate enterprise apps, data and devices across any cloud.

Build and launch integrated applications 3x faster with prebuilt assets, protect data and control access to APIs and applications with edge gateways and tokenization.
MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform will also be part of Salesforce Integration Cloud, which will enable all enterprises to surface their data—regardless of where it resides—to deliver intelligent, connected customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints.



Datorama enables companies to bring together all of their marketing data from different channels, campaigns and regions to understand the effectiveness of their marketing investments and optimize in real-time, in one place.

This product offers an expansive library of marketing APIs and AI-powered connectors called TotalConnect and LiteConnect that automatically capture, interpret and classify all campaign data from any source (including offline). That information displays in a custom dashboard based on the KPIs and audience segments that the company wants to measure, wich will signal AI powered recommendations and critical alerts.


Customer 360

Is a new Salesforce technology that provides a complete, updated and relevant profile of the costumer beyond the app or specific department where the customer information is located. A single ID will enable Salesforce apps to recognize a customer across multiple channels regardless of how they identify themselves (name, email, etc).

This platform prepare, match and update the customer profile across clouds, leaving the data in the source where it originated and retrieving it only when needed.

It uses the data of Salesforce apps to generate truly unified cross-channel experiences and you can extend the sources with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. You can also use the prebuilts for a easier implementation.